Updated — October 2021

Courtesy of the author — Alice Crady

Since starting shadow work in early 2020, my transformation journey has soared. I channel my passion for narcissistic abuse recovery, sex-positive feminism, shadow work, and living your best life. I want you to feel inspired and empowered!

Abuse Recovery

You’ve already survived hell; you’re stronger than you realize.

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I had a Zoom call with an old friend scheduled. We hadn’t talked in months, but she’d always been very kind. Did this friend read my articles on narcissist abuse? Does she know? Will she judge me? This woman knew my abusive family members. Would she believe me?

These are…

I synthesized insights from simplicity experts and personal experience.

A woman does a challenging inverted yogi pose in a simple white hallway outdoors. The sun shines through several doorway openings on the left.
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I distinctly remember the moment I sat with “The 80/20 Principle” book by Richard Koch at a cafe, and it dawned on me just how many areas of my life could be redesigned, simplified. I don’t have to make space for the people or things I “sort of like.” …

What if we all took soul-searching sabbaticals?

A young woman lays in the grass with a smile on her face. Yellow flowers surround her.
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Staring out a large window in the skyscraper work lounge at Facebook, I felt lost. Anxiety, listlessness, depression, and disillusionment filled my body. What am I doing here?

For months I’d noticed a reluctance to start each task, but I habitually pushed through it. Earning well over six figures while…

It feels powerful to be overtly sexual after purity culture.

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Growing up in a conservative Christian community, I felt immense pressure to mute my sexuality. My dad used modesty mantras like, “Shoulders to knees, nobody touches, nobody sees.” Women’s group leaders lectured the virtue of saving sex for marriage. …

One year of writing through rock bottom led to breakthroughs.

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Though I first discovered narcissistic abuse in my birth family in June 2020, it took several months before I felt comfortable talking about it. Using creativity to process pain has been a tough, beautiful, and rewarding journey. …

Through the pain, anxiety brings beautiful gifts.

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Growing up in a narcissistic family and dating narcissistic partners led me to loud anxiety and high self-judgments. Mostly I experienced pain beneath the surface of awareness, a subtle feeling of “never good enough.” …

#2. I expect to be treated like a queen.

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Though I’ve made it to the top one percent of promiscuous women in America, I am currently single. Over the past year, I took a break from sex and dating as I focused on deep inner work. …

I lost family, friends, and hope but discovered beauty in pain.

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Mel Elias

One year ago, I lived blissfully unaware of narcissistic personality disorder or how deeply it impacted my life. But through working with a depth therapist, eager reading, and detailed reflection, I discovered narcissistic abuse from my brother, father, and ex-boyfriend. …

#3. Optimize spending for the most joy.

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Tamara Bellis

Growing up, I watched my mom play a traditional housewife role and hated this vision of womanhood. I cringed at the idea of depending on a man for money and permission. …

Alice Crady

❤️ I study abuse recovery, sex+ feminism, and depth psychology. 🦋 Creativity heals. ✍️ Words in: The Ascent, Fearless She Wrote, and The Virago. (she/her)

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