How Writing 10 Ecstatic Dance Articles Inspires My Soul Work

Conscious movement is an exciting, creative, and accessible healing modality.

Alice Crady


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The first time I tried ecstatic dance, years ago, I thought it was weird. After years of partner dance training, I felt annoyed by the lack of structure. In fall 2022, a dear friend reintroduced me to the practice, and I fell in love.

This year, I wrote 10 ecstatic dance articles, sharing my journey, others’ stories, and expert advice. I highly recommend this practice, which can simply look like breathing and letting your favorite music move you.

Like the journey of self-love, my process took a long time and included many bumps. I’m still in my process. That’s why having fun with it and celebrating milestones feels so important. Healing journeys never really end.

“As I move through my body, beginning with my head and ending with my feet, I consciously offer each part of myself to the dance. I do this with an attitude of prayer, surrendering myself to the dance and letting it guide me through inner landscapes of bone and blood, of hearts and hands, of dreams and desires,” wrote Gabrielle Roth, author of the bestselling book, “Sweat Your Prayers: The Five Rhythms of the Soul.”

During early ecstatic dance research, I discovered Roth, the woman who introduced our modern culture to free-form dance. Her famous “five rhythms” offer a supportive structure for spiritual movement work or “ecstatic dance.” Roth’s guidance seriously inspired my movement practice and ecstatic dance content. I quote her lyrical voice often.

Through regular group and solo dance, I’ve become more embodied and more connected to my intuitive and primal self. My physical and emotional health improved noticeably. Plus, I’ve made many sweet connections along the way.

1. “Heal Your Soul in Dance With 5 Rhythms

In this article, I explain the five rhythms. Using quotes from Roth’s book, I synthesize inspiring concepts to deepen your body connection.

“The reality is that I demand more from my workouts-I want God. When I dance I feel the presence of a divine force, and this is my addiction. Feeding it is as simple as putting on the…



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