Thank you for writing and sharing this Glenna! I know how incredibly challenging it must have been to get this story out. (I did something similar with my narcissist abuse story and was panicky for a few days).

Trauma bonds are wild. Understanding that there’s actual chemical and biological explanations for my behaviors helped me a lot. A huge part of my journey has been validating that yes, emotional abuse sucks, sometimes more than physical abuse ever could. My abusers made me feel pathetic for making a deal out of my emotional struggles.

I’m currently working on the story of how I almost killed myself after leaving my toxic narcissist partner for the 8th time (4 years ago). Your story really resonated. Thank your for being so brave and for getting yourself out of that marriage! I can only imagine how bright, powerful, and brilliant you are today due to your undeniable resilience. Warmly, Allison

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