I like this call out! I recently learned about the ridiculous gender biases last year. Since then, I feel triggered by tons of TV shows, even the "feel good" ones. Having just read the "Bechdel Test," I would take that further. It's not just about being represented, but also how we are represented. I still see sexist comments constantly, and it's infuriating. I.e., women are "sluts," and men are "players."

I think you did a fantastic job breaking down data and showing how much bullshit women experience everywhere. It's a great article and a much-needed voice.

This evidence can feel overwhelming. One suggestion, I would add more actionable takeaways. Having just read this, I feel pretty angry, and the clearest call to action is to use the "Bechdel Test" or read the "Invisible Women" book. What do you recommend we do with this information? How do we begin to address these problems you're bringing up?

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