After simplifying for eight years, I found peace, and you can too.

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If you’re like most people in our capitalist world, slowing down is difficult. I’ve struggled a lot with finding my calm and maxed out my stress levels while pursuing external “success.” Notably, I burned out and quit my “dream job” in tech user experience in early 2020.

Leading up to…

They changed everything for me — I’m a “red pill”-type person

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Remember when you first realized something was wrong with how women are treated? I do. Though I hated “submissive” messaging in Sunday school classes, I got really angry in a college career class.

The female instructor casually shared data about how women earn less than men. Are you kidding me…

You’ve already survived hell; you’re stronger than you realize.

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I had a Zoom call with an old friend scheduled. We hadn’t talked in months, but she’d always been very kind. Did this friend read my articles on narcissist abuse? Does she know? Will she judge me? This woman knew my abusive family members. Would she believe me?

These are…

I synthesized insights from simplicity experts and personal experience.

A woman does a challenging inverted yogi pose in a simple white hallway outdoors. The sun shines through several doorway openings on the left.
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I distinctly remember the moment I sat with “The 80/20 Principle” book by Richard Koch at a cafe, and it dawned on me just how many areas of my life could be redesigned, simplified. I don’t have to make space for the people or things I “sort of like.” …

What if we all took soul-searching sabbaticals?

A young woman lays in the grass with a smile on her face. Yellow flowers surround her.
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Staring out a large window in the skyscraper work lounge at Facebook, I felt lost. Anxiety, listlessness, depression, and disillusionment filled my body. What am I doing here?

For months I’d noticed a reluctance to start each task, but I habitually pushed through it. Earning well over six figures while…

Alice Crady

❤️ I study abuse recovery, sex+ feminism, and depth psychology. 🦋 Creativity heals. ✍️ Words in: The Ascent, Fearless She Wrote, and The Virago. (she/her)

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